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The Legal English Manual

Handbook für Professional Legal Language and Practical Skills
The Legal English Manual
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ISBN 978-3-7190-3944-8
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Auflage 2. Auflage
Seiten 285
Produktart Buch
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Sprache Englisch

About the Book
As your one-stop practical handbook for Professional Legal Language and Practical Skills, the Legal English Manual provides a comprehensive overview of technical legal terminology, collocations, and commonly used phrases across 14 practice areas.

Prepared by experienced and native English-speaking lawyers for an audience of lawyers, prospective practitioners, and other legal professionals, the book includes professional legal English terminology, practice-oriented examples, and sample documents for use in your daily practice.

Under the direction of Lawbility, an experienced professional language-training provider and the winner of the Global Legal Skills Award 2016, our team of international legal experts and practitioners, linguists, and legal English coaches structured the book to provide a legal focus (detailed overview of legal terminology), a language focus (examples of professional usage), and a practical focus (common situations arising in your legal practice).

Advantages at a Glance
Each manual helps you to apply your professional legal expertise competently in various English-language practice situations:

• Practical charts featuring common professional terminology and practice-oriented examples of usage across 14 practice areas.
• Detailed overview, explanations, and tips for drafting contracts in English.
• Practical examples of legal documents, appropriate expressions for practical situations, and customizable templates with explanations, as well as tips for legal writing, including e-mails, client correspondence, and legal memoranda.
• Checklists for client presentations, consultations, contract negotiations, interviews, and more.

New in the 2nd Edition:
• Manuals for contract drafting
• Manuals for professional language
• Manuals for offer letters and for client presentations

400 phrases and typical word pairs for use in your practice, including explanations and practice-oriented examples of usage

The Legal English Manual