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Swiss Foundation Code 2015 (E)

Principles and Recommendations for the Establishment and Management of Grant-making Foundations
Swiss Foundation Code 2015 (E)
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ISBN 978-3-7190-3823-6
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Auflage 1. Auflage
Seiten 221
Produktart Buch
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Sprache Englisch

The publication 'Swiss Foundation Code' contains practical governance guidelines on the topics of the establishment of foundations, their organisation, management and supervision, their charitable work and also on finance and investment policy for the contemporary and professional management of charitable foundations.

About the new edition
The publication deals with the subject in greater depth than the Swiss Foundation Code 2009. In particular, a number of topics have been entirely rewritten or revised. Examples are finance (in particular investment and the control of relationships with providers of financial services) and conflicts of interest.

The Code contains the principles (implementing the foundation purpose, checks and balances, transparency), recommendations (in relation to establishment, management, grant-making and finances), and also explanations and suggestions that are applicable to the specific business activity.

Swiss Foundation Code 2015 (E)